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it is right time to buy in turkey

Is It a Good Time to Buy a House in Turkey?

As you know Turkey Citizenship by Investment Programme was reduced to $1M to $250,000 for Real Estate Investment in 2018 December. Because Turkey had over 2M houses waiting to sell in that time and Goverment wanted to make it charmy to International Investors. (P.S In Turkey every year 750,000 new Houses needed because of young population) During these two years many demand came and both...

Is buying property in Turkey a good investment?

The answer is definitely YES. Because the population in Turkey raising every year. Every year 750.000 new houses needed in Turkey. The current population of Turkey is 83,610,524 , September 12, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Turkey population is equivalent to 1.08% of the total world population. Turkey ranks number 18 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by...

Istanbul is the first choice of International Investors

24.144 houses sold to Foreign Investors between January and July 2019 in Turkey. If you compare statics with same period in 2018, it was only 14.674. So as you see from the official numbers foreign investors %64,5 increasing demand to houses in Turkey. According to the numbers, İstanbul is the first choice of International Investors. In 2018 July, only 956 houses sold to foreigners, but in 2019 July...

property tax in turkey

Property Tax in Turkey

Anywhere in the world we need to pay Taxes. If you want to purchase a property in Turkey you need to pay some taxes as well. I will catagorize property taxes in Turkey for 4 phases. VAT Before you buy property you need to sign a contract with developer. In payment section of contract you will see VAT Tax. After you completed all payment to developer , company needs to invoice you about your...

Why should you invest Turkey Real Estate Market ?

According to the World Bank GDP (PPP) Ranking, Turkey is the largest economy of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the fifth largest economy in Europe overall. According to IMF figures, Turkey’s PPP-adjusted GDP actualized at USD 1,908 billion as of 2015 and reached USD 1,988 billion as of 2016 year-end. The table below shows that Turkey’s GDP figures are higher than many CEE countries’ GDP...

turkey property portal


  HOW TO OBTAIN POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR USE IN TURKEY 1. Draft your power of attorney according to the U.S regulations in English, (to be prepared by us.). 2. Affix a passport size photo on top of the left hand side of the page. 3. Add a copy of the first page of your valid passport as an attachment. 4. Go to any notary public in your county. 5. Sign your document in front of the Notary...

The Best Real Estate Investment in Turkey

The Best Real Estate Investment in Turkey

First of all, you can pay any money to your own house, villa and residence it is out of our topic. Because the house which you live inside is pricesless. Today's our topic is real estate purchasing for investment. So you need to check Return of Investment (ROI). What does ROI mean ? It measures that your total investment amount and how many years you will get it from your rents and...

real estate eveluation report

Turkey Real Estate Valuation Report

In this Blog we will show a sample valuation report which you must take before property purchase in Turkey as foreign investor. It costs 300$ to 900$ according to your apartment cost and real estate valuation company. The most important thing it is valid only 1 month. So be aware that you finish all legal process (title deed receiving ) in this period. Otherwise you need to pay additional 1 report...

turkey property

Property Tax in Turkey

What is Property Tax? You have to pay the Property Tax to Municipality as a owner of house, land or shop in Turkey. When You Have to Pay Your Tax? You have to pay in May and November every year. Total amount divided equal to 2 installment. When is the deadline of Property Tax? 1st installment deadline 31st of May , 2nd installment deadline is 30th of November. How much is Property Tax in Turkey...

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