Coronavirus (Covid-19) Investment Opportunities I Dual Passport Can Be a Life Changer Investment

Coronavirus Outbreak locked down 3 Bilion People worldwide in 2020.   This outbreak really showed us everything can be happen anytime.   For investment purpose it showed us nowhere is safe in the world.   So making a basket for our investment is also an essential movement for real estate investment too.   Saving some cash and make a basket anywhere in the world...

PCR Test in Istanbul

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed the way we travel… if we travel at all. Most foreigners live far away from their families and for many of us planning to visit our families is more stressful than before. Ironically, these days as many finally work remotely, we might actually be more location-dependent than before. Not only are there fewer flights to and from Turkey, but the rules to enter...

Which one is better for Property Investment

Minimalist or Maximalist

Are you a Minimalist or Maximalist ? If you asked this question in 2019 many people would tell you about i am minimalist life style in the city. Roughly minimalism owning less staff in their life, making everything simple, easy accessable . So that people intended to live with smaller units like Studio or 1 Bedroom apartments in the city. And the rents also if you compare with bigger units was...

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