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In a week 3000 units sold out

Turkish Local Buyers Bought Over 500M$ Real Estate Only in 1 Week

As you know in Turkey Property Market %95 of transactions belongs to Turkish local buyers. After Locked Down and Coronavirus issues Turkish Goverment reduced interest rates to 0,64 from 0,95 for Mortgage credits. When People heard this news went to sales offices and sales offices had over 100,000 Turkish Buyers visit Only in a week. In a week Turkish People Bought 3000 independent unit which has...

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How to Find Out Best Place to Buy Property in Istanbul

The main thing for property investment determining the location. Even buying another city where you are not living is a bit tricky. But if you don't familiar with the city as a foreigner it is very very difficult. I will try to help you in this Blog how you can find out a good location to buy a property in Istanbul. 1- Search the area for 5 Stars Hotels or Head Quarters of Companies. You are...

sea view apartment in istanbul

Sea View Apartments in Istanbul

Too many foreign investors come to Istanbul for real estate investment. Besides rent income some of the investors want to live their dream home  with full sea view in Istanbul. Well, if you look at Sea View options in Istanbul there are 3 main options; 1- If you want to be near to Down town we mean Taksim Square or Sultanahmet then you need to choose Zeytinburnu and Bakırköy Seashore where is...

How much a Luxury Residence in Istanbul

How much a Luxury Residence in Istanbul?

Are you looking for ? Impressive architecture Very good finishing Perfect central locations Multi-purpose social facilities Beautiful common areas Technical services Proximity to both public transport via both metro and metrobus stations And the new National Garden which will soon be opened on 11 million m² of land. Here you are you can reserve your place $125,000 for the all...

Turkey’s Most Expensive Villa

Turkey's most expensive villa which is our listing 9,000,000$ Masterpiece. Located in Bodrum, Paradise Bay where is hidden cove. Of course we didnt add our blog to Historical Mansions just next to Bosphrous. If you want to check these Mansions in the market it is vary but you can find up to 55M$ Listing. Now if we return to our listing. It is designed by Best Architech of Turkey Emre Arolat. He...

What is the Best Area to Invest in Istanbul Turkey?

Istanbul has 29 Different Districts and 18 Milion population. So you can check public transportation numbers if you want to compare how huge this city is. MetroBus is commonly used public transportation vehicle. It travels Asia and European continents aroun 1 hour and 30 minutes. Every day, only Metrobus has 1 Milion passenger. So we suggest our investors to make a basket for different...

Top 5 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing Property in Turkey

Top 5 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing Property in Turkey

1.Don't Select International Agency The main problem is "OverPricing" for foreign investors in Turkey. Because of trust issue many buyers select International agencies which has many partners. If you go International agency for example Chinese, British located head quarter. They are working with higher commission rates in İstanbul. Local agencies like Turk Citizen and Select Turkey working only...

best place to buy in Turkey

Where is the best place to buy in Turkey?

Istanbul is a huge Metropol as you know 18 Milion people living in Istanbul. Every 5 to 1 people in Turkey population living in Istanbul. Istanbul has 29 Districts. Unlike the other cities and capitals it doesnt have only one Downtown. These 29 Districts has their own centers and amenities. So investors has a common failure and they think only Taksim Square as a well known and oldest district of...

How Much Does a House in Turkey Cost ?

In Construction you need to focus per sqm2 prices for realizing a good deal or not. In Turkey property market, Gross size will be valid for all your price lists. Per sqm2 very good deal price in İstanbul around 1000$/m2 . But if you go of course central place like Bosphorus View Property, Taksim, Şişli, Maslak and other places brand projects around will go up to 5000$. Of course price all up...

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