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Best Way to Send Money to a Turkish Bank Account From Abroad

Everyone who wants to transfer money abroad has only one question and hundreds of false answers: How can I send money from abroad to Turkey or from Turkey to abroad in a smooth, cheap and fast way?   In addition to the expensive classical methods such as SWIFT and Western Union, with the advancement of technology and the increase of fintech initiatives in this field, many alternatives that provide...

Top 5 Mistakes Foreign Investors Make as New Home Buyer in Turkey

In this Blog, we will try to give you a few tips about common mistakes of foreign investors in Turkey. 1.This project for foreigners Every year, 1.500.000 property sold out in Turkey. 40,000 property sold out to foreign investors. So around %3 of Turkey Property Market is for foreign buyers. None of developers aiming to sell only international investors. 2. I will visit once and then come back...

how to buy online property in turkey

How to Buy a Property in Turkey Online

So you are sick and tired of the same routine. Bills , wealth taxes and many more. Same place same investments you dont really like that much. But then it hits you. What if you take a break from all that boring staff and invest your money real estate in a different country. With a residency card or citizenship option. Welcome to www.selectturkey.com Turkey Property Portal Over 130...

what if i scammed

If I have been scammed from a property deal in Turkey, what can I do?

Hello again , This is Gökhan Özbek licensed real estate agent in Turkey and founder of turkcitizen and selectturkey. I made a video about property scam in Turkey last year if you didnt watch it please watch and subscribe my channel for new coming episodes. Today's topic from a subscriber who dealt in Antalya to buy from a local realtor and curious about scammed and what can he do if it is a real...

turkey property VAT discount


Don't buy any property in Turkey before watching. You can still buy a property in Turkey cheaper than Turkish buyers, here is our VAT Exemption Guidance for getting %18 Discount; We have searched VAT Exemption Law in Turkey and prepared this blog available on Select Turkey (Turkey Property Portal) . VAT EXEMPTION CONDITIONS 1. THEY SHOULDN'T RESIDE IN TURKEY Buyers should not reside in Turkey and...

House Sales to Foreigners in 2020

House Sales to Foreigners in 2020 41298 houses sold in 2020 to foreign investors in Turkey. According to the database of Turkey General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre Konut satış sayıları(1) House sale...

turkey property portal

How to Find Out Best Place to Buy Property in Istanbul

The main thing for property investment determining the location. Even buying another city where you are not living is a bit tricky. But if you don't familiar with the city as a foreigner it is very very difficult. I will try to help you in this Blog how you can find out a good location to buy a property in Istanbul. 1- Search the area for 5 Stars Hotels or Head Quarters of Companies. You are...

sea view apartment in istanbul

Sea View Apartments in Istanbul

Too many foreign investors come to Istanbul for real estate investment. Besides rent income some of the investors want to live their dream home  with full sea view in Istanbul. Well, if you look at Sea View options in Istanbul there are 3 main options; 1- If you want to be near to Down town we mean Taksim Square or Sultanahmet then you need to choose Zeytinburnu and Bakırköy Seashore where is...

turkey property portal


  HOW TO OBTAIN POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR USE IN TURKEY 1. Draft your power of attorney according to the U.S regulations in English, (to be prepared by us.). 2. Affix a passport size photo on top of the left hand side of the page. 3. Add a copy of the first page of your valid passport as an attachment. 4. Go to any notary public in your county. 5. Sign your document in front of the Notary...

How much a Luxury Residence in Istanbul

How much is a Luxury Residence in Istanbul?

Are you looking for ? Impressive architecture Very good finishing Perfect central locations Multi-purpose social facilities Beautiful common areas Technical services Proximity to both public transport via both metro and metrobus stations And the new National Garden which will soon be opened on 11 million m² of land. Here you are you can reserve your place $125,000 for the all...

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