Turkey Real Estate Valuation Report

real estate eveluation report

In this Blog we will show a sample valuation report which you must take before property purchase in Turkey as foreign investor.

It costs 300$ to 900$ according to your apartment cost and real estate valuation company.

The most important thing it is valid only 1 month. So be aware that you finish all legal process (title deed receiving ) in this period. Otherwise you need to pay additional 1 report cost more.

In first page you will have personal information, report number and date of report.

You can get this report from goverment approved (SPK and BDDK ) in TURKEY. Title Deed Office keeps all records related with titles in Turkey . So in this report you can see all official transactions related with title deed.

They report positive and negative points about your property.

Also expert is checking local market price market. So they protect you against overpricing.

They are checking Municipilatiy, Title Deed Office records, real apartment photos with all meusrings. Also they are checking Management plans as well.

You can pay small deposits to Developer up to 1000$ which is fully refundable.

But before paying to developer down payment like min %30 of real estate cost. We definitely suggest you to get a real estate valuation report.

It will cost you around 300$ but will save you from many scams and problems.

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