If I have been scammed from a property deal in Turkey, what can I do?

what if i scammed

Hello again ,

This is Gökhan Özbek licensed real estate agent in Turkey and founder of turkcitizen and selectturkey.

I made a video about property scam in Turkey last year if you didnt watch it please watch and subscribe my channel for new coming episodes.

Today’s topic from a subscriber who dealt in Antalya to buy from a local realtor and curious about scammed and what can he do if it is a real scammed.

Now let’s read about situation and then i will ask him some questions.

“Realtor promised to give me the Title  Deed (Tapu) today but they are saying that there is an “error” in the tapu system. He has postponed the tapu deal for over a month and I don’t feel comfortable. I believe I may have been scammed.His first excuse was that the owner of the property had coronavirus and we should wait until 18th January. Then he said that to wait on Wednesday then on Friday and now he is saying to wait until Tuesday for the tapu. I do not have high hopes for this deal since it sounds like a scam”

Now 1st question.

1.Do you have any aggreement?

Yes – True

Definitely, you need a contract between seller and owner.

2.Who signed the contract ? Realtor or owner 

Me and Agency – Wrong

Owner and Seller – True

Well, owner must sign the contract because as legally 1st owner 2nd buyer and 3rd agent as a third party for the aggreement.

3.Who did you send the payment ?

The realtor – Wrong

Owner of Title Deed – True

4.Do you have any Valuation Report?

Sorry what’s that? – Wrong

Of course i did it is necessary for foreign investors – True

Valuation Report, (Apprasial Report) is a document that you can get this report from goverment approved (SPK and BDDK ) in TURKEY. Title Deed Office keeps all records related with titles in Turkey . So in this report you can see all official transactions related with title deed.

Read For more https://www.selectturkey.com/turkey-real-estate-valuation-report/

5. Did you get Title Deed (Tapu) sample?

No- Wrong

Yes- True

Ok i asked necessary questions and we will try to find out what can we do for further steps.

  • Try to find out owner and talk with him
  •  If owner of apartment doesnt have any info about sales , Then go to Police station , And make a statement about everything
  • Then you need to find a English speaking lawyer ( Att. Önder Baran Tunç)
  • What is value of Property?  Agent has License from Goverment? Try to collect all information about your agent
  • Make a voice record, And try to collect evidence about he got the money, In the Court all of them you can give to your lawyer

And finally after a while he got his title deed .

“Hello good news…we got the tittle. Just wanted to thank you for your help though ? ”

This story is happy ending but you can not know your story will be the same ending.

So please try to make right decisions about your purchase.


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