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Can government take away citizenship?

Many foreign investors come to Turkey for real estate investment . How can they be sure that will they lose the citizenship in the future ? It is impossible . Why is it impossible , because Turkey signed European courts. So our all goverment jobs can be checked by European Union courts. After 5 years for example they can not do that. If they do that European human rights court can say that...

How Long Does it Take to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

How long does it take to get Turkish citizenship by investment? Turkish Citizenship in 3 Months. In 2019 it was a bit longer periods up to 8 months. But after Turkish Goverment Optimization right now you can acquire Turkish Citizenship only in 3 months. Buying property is very tough. But with Turk Citizen lawyer assistance from beginning to end it is now easier. We finish all legal procedure...

Turkish Citizenship Lawyer

During your property investment in a different country. You definitely need a lawyer assistance. Turkey property investment doesn't require any duration of stay in the country. As this way Turkey differs from its rivals. For example in other countries you have to live at least 6 months or 1 year duration to acquire citizenship. But in Turkey you just select the property and invest. If you have any...

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