Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship by investment

Turkey Citizenship by Investment increased to 400,000USD

According to the recent statement of The Ministry of Internal Affairs, it was announced that the minimum investment for Turkish Citizenship Investment Program’s Real estate will be increased from US $250,000 to US $400,000. The decision was taken at the Presidential Cabinet Meeting held on the 13th of April 2022 In addition, a notation will be made that the Individuals who wishes to seek citizenship...


Best Way to Send Money to a Turkish Bank Account From Abroad

Everyone who wants to transfer money abroad has only one question and hundreds of false answers: How can I send money from abroad to Turkey or from Turkey to abroad in a smooth, cheap and fast way?   In addition to the expensive classical methods such as SWIFT and Western Union, with the advancement of technology and the increase of fintech initiatives in this field, many alternatives that provide...

turkey property

Nearly 10,000 investors and their family members have been approved in Turkey’s CBI program

Turkey offers a great opportunity to foreign investors who wish to obtain citizenship for themselves and their families. The purchase of a property valued at $250,000 makes it possible to obtain a passport, while also profiting from the investment. Turkey made changes to its citizenship by investment program in September of 2018, mainly by lowering the limits required for the respective investment...

Turkish Citizenship 250.000 USD

Turkish Citizenship 250.000 USD You may find main steps for Turkish Citizensip by Investment Programme. STEPS IN PROGRAM APPLICATION GETTING A TAX REGISTRATION NUMBER Tax Registration number where you can obtain from any Tax Office in Turkey. So, you need your original passport to get tax number. OPENING A TURKISH BANK ACCOUNT You need Passport and Tax Registration number with you. An official...

981 foreign investors become Turkish citizen via property investment

According to news from "Yeni Şafak" media foundation which has a close relations with goverment. Hundreds of foreign investors have become Turkish citizens since late 2018, according to data by the country’s Interior Ministry. A total of 981 foreign investors where citizens from the U.S., Canada, China, Russia, Italy, Australia and Greece have become Turkish citizens. It was amended by a Presidential...

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Top 5 Reasons to Invest Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Turkey became one of the most popular Citizenship by Investment Programme in the world. Turkey became one of the most popular programme in the world in the recent years. We have searched across the reasons and found five pretty impressive headline for investors that why you should invest to Turkey CBI Programme. 1.Total amount is affordable Turkey reduced citizenship by investment amount to 250K$...

turkish citizenship lawyer

Turkey Citizenship Lawyer

You need definitely consult a lawyer during your property purchase. Also if you do this investment for Turkey Citizenship purposes you definitely need a lawyer. Don't worry Turk Citizen Ltd.Co. will be with you from beginning to end with you. If you just looking for a lawyer 2500$ our service fee. But if you buy from our projects we give Free Lawyer Assistance as well. Our citizenship lawyer...



To be successful in real estate investment, there’s one absolute essential. You need to make informed, intelligent decisions, and not let instinct or your heart overpower your mind.   This is a short guide to the simple process of making the right decisions, and the steps you need to follow. It’s based on the principles practised worldwide, buyers experience in selling and renting to buying a...

turkey citizenship required documents

Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship

If you purchase $250,000 Property you will acquire Turkish Citizenship in 3 months. We finish all application in 1 month and giving you online goverment tracking code. After that you will receive approval and passport from goverment 3-6 months. Please find in the below all necessary documents. Application form To be prepared by us. Health insurance for the applicant May be made by...

Turkey Citizenship

6 Main Steps for Turkey Citizenship

TURKEY CITIZENSHIP PROCESS Firstly, Turkey Citizenship process by investment requires minimum $250,000 Property Purchasing. All application we finish only in 1 month. But getting approval min 3 months max 6 months after the purchase. 1. Apply to the tax office to obtain a tax registration number It is easiest step and we need only your original passport with you. It takes only 30 min at any Tax...

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