Turkish Local Buyers Bought Over 500M$ Real Estate Only in 1 Week

In a week 3000 units sold out

As you know in Turkey Property Market %95 of transactions belongs to Turkish local buyers.

After Locked Down and Coronavirus issues Turkish Goverment reduced interest rates to 0,64 from 0,95 for Mortgage credits.

When People heard this news went to sales offices and sales offices had over 100,000 Turkish Buyers visit Only in a week.

In a week Turkish People Bought 3000 independent unit which has over 500M$ Only in one week.

I always suggest my customers as Turkish Real Estate agent follow the folks.

As my advice and it is the one of the Best time for invest to Turkish Real Estate Market because Real Estate prices was very cheap.

After USD /TL Currency increased right now we are waiting higher prices for New projects.

For final words always follow folks and Turkish Local Buyers for trends and gain money from your Real Estate investment


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