How to rent out my property in Turkey?

Turk Citizen after sales team shows the delivery of home from developer. Also how to rent it in Turkey only in 1 day.

Istanbul which is the one of the biggest metropol in the world.

It has over 15 Milion People population and with immigrants it comes over 18M .

So if you select a good location you wont have any problem for finding to your tenant to your apartment.

As Turk Citizen is one of the leading construction and agent firm of Turkey.

So our after sales team will find and take care with your apartment for free of charge.

In Turkey rental commissions is normally 1 rent cost which is paid by tenant.

So if you find any international real estate management firm and if they request additional fee from your side.

Don’t pay. Just mail or call us we will take care about all management of your home.

Also we are using Apsiyon application so that you can reach online balance payments and announcements for your home also from abroad.

So are you still waiting , just e-mail me and we will start. Keep in touch.


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