Register Addresses Online Through e-Devlet as a Foreigners.


             New e-Devlet Service Allows Foreigners to Register Addresses Online


The Turkish government recently announced on its website and sent out texts to inform the public that it would be introducing a new online service that would allow foreign nationals to skip queues at government offices and instead apply online for some address registrations.

In essence, the rollout allows foreigners to make address registration/change applications via e-devlet in specific circumstances.

What Has Changed?

Thanks to the introduction of this new service, Turkish citizens and foreign nationals can now make applications/changes to their addresses online, which were previously only made through local Civil Registry Offices.

The translated announcement reads:

Launching the Address Registration Transactions Service on the E-Government Gateway (

“To facilitate address change and registration procedures for foreigners, the ‘Address Change and Registration Notification of Foreigners (Unoccupied Residence)’ service has been put into use via the e-Government Gateway (

Within the scope of this service, ‘unoccupied’ residences which do not require consent can be accessed, and address change and registration transactions can be carried out together. Additionally, ‘Main Applicants’ will be able to register their connected applications’ (family members’) addresses at once, without requiring consent with the option of ‘I will make an address notification for me and my connected applications.”

Here is the original announcement, if you would like to read it in Turkish:

E-Devlet Kapısı ( Üzerinden Adres Tescil İşlemleri Hizmetinin Açılması

Yabancılar için adres değişikliği ve tescil işlemlerinde kolaylık sağlanması amacı ile e-Devlet kapısı üzerinden ( “Yabancıların Adres Değişikliği ve Tescil Bildirimi (a)” hizmeti devreye alınmıştır. Hizmet kapsamında, muvafakat gerektirmeyen “Boş” olan konutlara bu hizmet üzerinden erişim sağlanarak adres değişikliği ve tescil işlemi birlikte gerçekleştirilebilmektedir. Ayrıca tek seferde “Ana Başvuru Sahibi” “Kendim ve bağlı başvurularım için adres bildiriminde bulunacağım.” Seçeneği ile bağlı başvurular (Aile Üyeleri) muvafakat gerektirmeden adres tescil işlemini gerçekleştirebilecektir.

Let’s Break Down What This All Means:

The Turkish government has introduced a new service on its e-devlet platform that allows foreign nationals to register or change their address. However, this online convenience is only valid for unoccupied residences (i.e., boş konut), which do not require the foreign national to obtain a deed/letter of consent.

What is meant by an unoccupied or vacant residence is that in the government records/system, no one should appear registered as residing at that address.

By applying online, foreigners can apply to both registers or change their address through a single service.

Additionally, suppose you are the “main applicant.” In that case, you will also be presented the option of making an address registration/notification for yourself or yourself and other family members connected to the exact property.

This will eliminate the need to apply for letters of consent for each family member and collate your address registrations in one place.

A Reminder:

Under Turkish law, you must notify the Population Directorate of changes to your residence address within 20 days. Failure to do so will result in fines or may amount to criminal offenses.

Why Is Registering for E-devlet and Declaring Your Address So Important?

Especially in light of the most recent decisions regarding migrants and, in particular, rule changes surrounding foreign resident limits and restrictions for specific areas and neighborhoods across Turkey, abiding by address registration practices has become even more crucial.

One such change was the 20% rule for foreign populations, followed by the announcement that 1,169 neighborhoods would be closed to address registration applications from foreign nationals in Turkey.

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