How Much Does a House in Turkey Cost ?

In Construction you need to focus per sqm2 prices for realizing a good deal or not.

In Turkey property market, Gross size will be valid for all your price lists.

Per sqm2 very good deal price in İstanbul around 1000$/m2 .

But if you go of course central place like Bosphorus View Property, Taksim, Şişli, Maslak and other places brand projects around will go up to 5000$.

Of course price all up to Brand, Location, Construction situation, also sea view if you buy in coastal side.

But as professionalls we suggest for investment around 1000$-1500$ range as a good investment.

Of course it is for investment if you want Coastal life , Luxury, Brand projects oe even a Pent House for living you can not compare with anything in the market.

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