5 Shopping Locations To Visit In IStanBul

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5 Shopping Locations To Visit In IStanbul


Turkey’s most famous shopping destination needs no introduction. Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar has been in business since the mid-15th century. It’s basically the medieval version of a modern shopping mall. The bazaar has more than 4000 shops

The full caboodle of Turkish crafts, as well as craftwork hailing from central Asia and the Middle East is available here it’s a great place to get a thorough grounding of what’s available.

Location: Hamidiye Caddesi, Sirkeci

Kadıköy Market

One of Istanbul’s top spots for local produce, Kadıköy’s market operates Monday to Friday and is a vibrant, buzzing commercial hub.

Come here for local pickles, jams, honeys, and other condiments; dried fruits; and traditional Turkish confectionary.

Location : Off Rıhtım Caddesi & Damga Sokak, Kadıköy

Istiklal Caddes

Threading across the hill through the Beyoğlu district up to Taksim Square, this long, mostly pedestrian street was for a long time

Some interesting points along Istiklal’s corners are the arcade passages inside the neoclassical buildings that line sections of the road. The most famous is Çiçek Pasaj (Flower Passage), where small shops sell shawls, colorful ceramics, and lamps, and restaurants and cafés offer atmospheric dining amid late-19th-century architecture.

location: Istiklal Caddesi, Beyoğlu


The narrow lanes west of the Egyptian Spice Market are filled with stalls selling traditional basketry, textiles, and handmade wooden kitchenware and tableware, along with cheap household products.

Location: Tahtakale Caddesi, Eminönü

Bağdat Caddesi

This tree-lined street runs for 14 kilometers from the district of Kadıköy to Bostancı on Istanbul’s Asian shore. It’s the city’s favorite shopping street and gets crammed at weekends.

You won’t find much original or unique here, but if you’re just looking for high-street-style shopping then Bağdat Caddesi is a top destination.

Location : Bağdat Caddesi, Kadıköy

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