Why Foreign Investors Fail in Turkey Property Market

Many foreign investors coming to Turkey for real estate investment.

But after a while they want to exit the market, we call this is an exit strategy.

When they decide and goes to agents or real estate firms for second hand. Ooops they can not sale even same price their real estate.

In this Blog, we will try to figure it out why it is happening.

Number 1; Many foreign investors working with international agencies because of trust and security problems.

Well, in this option even they dont come to Turkey and they are buying very good projects in the catalog.

They are working with international agencies and international agency making a partnership in Turkey local agency. Local Agency making partnership with project marketing and project marketing making partnership with developer 🙂 So we could come to end of agencies.

So i think you understand the chain and more than %40 overpricing the real price.

But they dont have any material to check market prices and mainly they are overpricing.

%10 %20 overpricing not a huge problem for real estate because most of investors exit the market after years.

Real estate value bring also more than inflation rate so even 1 year enough to get profit for that.

If you buy this kind of purchase you will definitely overpricing and it will take years to gain profit. At the end 2 or 3 years later you can fix the problem but then currency is a main factor.

Number 2; Some of big international companies also buying their own floors from developers and marketing only these properties.

If you are from China well, dont work with Chinese agencies.

They are using this method. So they dont share profit as above with many companies but again overpricing.

So what is the best solution ;  Best solution is working with local agency real estate company like Turk Citizen Ltd. Co.

Also please be aware Turkish Goverment tries to prevent international buyers from this kind of overpricing .

Because of that there is a law and you have to get valuation report before buying real estate.

But valuation company is also very important. So we suggest you working with real estate lawyer and make it select your lawyer to select valuation report. Or just ask from your agency the options for valuation companies and select randomly.

Another way, just do it with your own with independent valuation company.

We hope this article is usefull for you. And looking forward to work with you.

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