Turkish Citizenship or Turkish Residence Permit

turkey citizenship investment

Turkish Citizenship or Residence Permit which one is more beneficial for buyers?

As you know, if you invest real estate in Turkey, besides owning an apartment you can also apply for citizenship or residence permit options.

For Turkish Citizenship ; you need to purchase 400,000USD Property Investment.

For Residence Permit; it is enough to buy a 75,000USD Property.

But which one is more advantegous for investors we will discuss in this topic.

Citizenship by investment pros; No duration of stay required in Turkey, All Family ( Investor, Spouse, below 18 years old children ) can apply to programme, life time duration and under law protection , so it has no risk to affect any political changes in the future.

Residence permit pros; Low investment cost ,

Residence permit cons; Only investor can apply, long process time, investor needs to stay in Turkey min 1 month until residence permit application has a result, only regulation protection so doesnt have any law protection and very sensible of changing politics.


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