Property Scam in Turkey

Scams as you know many place in the world. Sometimes we find it funny to hear from somewhone else, but if it comes to our investment and savings. It will be a disaster.


So we will give you some life saving; a few tips how to prevent a scam in Turkey while buying real estate.


1.Finding a buyer like fishing in the lake for scammers. Yes it is a weird example but they are using same method.


For that they are giving fake very cheap properties in their website and you are calling them.

But when you go to their office property already sold out.

They have another place with avarage price which many agents already listing but once they got you with fake listings.


2. They use unknown Developers and buildings to make an aggrement scam. For that they are using an aggreement which is not notarized.


Well you can sign any contract but when you want to sue Developer it will not be accepted by court.

So Pay %1 more and make a notary contract with developer .

Also work with Famous and Best Developers where you can find easily in İstanbul.


3.  See property from inside. Some of the buyers trying to get already rented flats and when they come to see inside.

Scammers say : It is rented and tenant not available at the moment so just buy. Well dont even buy a property without Eveluation Report.

Select eveluation company with your own BDDK and SPK approved expert so they will check goverment and municipilatiy plans Goverment title deed office going inside of your apartments checking management plan and also even checking local market prices.

So if you get Eveluation Report it is definitely a good step to prevent scams for many steps.


4. Work with lawyer . Again many buyers just dont want to pay additional 500$ before signing a contract with developer.

But if you have a reputable real estate lawyer he can check contract and avoid you many steps. So when you buying real estate definitely consult a lawyer.


5. Don’t work with unknown consultants.

There are many big agents and firms but non of them serving as Go to Guy Principle.

So when you buy your home and you go your country when they text again OOOps number changed. And new consultant doesnt know your situation and problem.

So what is go to guy principle? With all your works about property you are only texting one man his name is Gökhan ÖZBEK , Oops me. And he will handle your problem.


Last Step to Go . Work with Turkcitizen because we are giving all the services above for Free to our customers.

And we are working with over 130+ projects with Best Price Guarentee.

Even before listing we are checking local market prices and we have many developer experience so you will save both money and time with us.

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