How to Get and Renew a Residence Permit in Turkey

Residence permits

Anyone who wants to stay in Turkey for more than 3 months within 6 months to work, study, or settle must apply for a Turkish residence permit.

It would help if you had a residence permit to study, get married, purchase property or make investments, among many other things.

If you plan to work in Turkey, you will only need to have a work permit as this also serves as a residence permit.


Documents for the permit

1 Application forms. After you fill out the application forms, you will be able to download PDF copies of your documents. Save and print them in color. (Their computer system is notoriously unreliable, so be sure you save immediately and keep someplace safe.)

2 Get your insurance. The easiest and most affordable way to fulfill this requirement is to get a private insurance plan that you pay in one shot. The cost of insurance depends on the age of a person. In 2022 the Turkish Government has increased the price of Insurance.

3 Get your biometric picture. You will need to scan and attach it to your application. You will also need to provide four hard copies of the photos.

4 Get your tax ID number. You will need this number to open a bank account and get insurance. Look online to find the nearest tax office (vergi dairesi) and go there with your passport.

5 Notarized Rental Contract. To apply for the residence permit foreigners need to rent a place and they have to notarize the rental contract from the notary office.

6 Numarataj. A “numarataj belge” is a document that is obtained from municipalities detailing the “address number” of the house the resident will live in Turkey.Since November 1, 2021, immigration authorities have started to request this document to prevent fraudulent behavior and make sure all properties/addresses are properly registered in the national address registration system. For properties that are properly registered, this document won’t be required.

7 Copy of your Passport and Visa. The copies of your travel document and visa is also required by the General Directorate of Immigration.

8 Pay the fees. After concluding your application, there is the option to pay with a Turkish credit card. This fee includes your tax and residence permit card fee.


How to Renew or Extend Your Turkish Permit

To renew or extend your residence permit, you will have to apply for an extension within 60 days before it expires. If your residence permit has expired, you will not be able to apply for an extension.

For the renewal of residence permit the procedure and fees are the same but for renewal you dont need rental contract or numarataj if your address is registered in the Address-Based Population Registration System (Adrese Dayalı Nüfus Kayıt Sistemi), and nowadays it is known as the Population Registration System (Adres Kayıt Sistemi). Nüfus is very important for the renewal of your residence permit.


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