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5 Shopping Locations To Visit In IStanBul

5 Shopping Locations To Visit In IStanbul Grand BAZAAR Turkey's most famous shopping destination needs no introduction. Istanbul's Grand Bazaar has been in business since the mid-15th century. It's basically the medieval version of a modern shopping mall. The bazaar has more than 4000 shops The full caboodle of Turkish crafts, as well as craftwork hailing from central Asia and the Middle East is...

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Nearly 10,000 investors and their family members have been approved in Turkey’s CBI program

Turkey offers a great opportunity to foreign investors who wish to obtain citizenship for themselves and their families. The purchase of a property valued at $250,000 makes it possible to obtain a passport, while also profiting from the investment. Turkey made changes to its citizenship by investment program in September of 2018, mainly by lowering the limits required for the respective investment...

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Free Citizenship in the World

There are numerous countries in the world giving citizenship by investment. ST. LUCIA ANTIGUA & BARBUDA ST. KITTS AND NEVIS GRENADA DOMINICA MALTA CYPRUS BULGARIA MONTENEGERO MOLDOVA VANUATU .... and list goes on. Maybe you don't know and you can hear first time these countries Some of this countries giving only dual passport as economic activity. Yes, you...

Top 5 Asked Questions Regarding Property Acquisition By Foreigners

Top 5 Asked Questions Regarding Property Acquisition By Foreigners   1) Is a translated copy of the passport required? As regulated in our communiqué on “validation of identity in foreigners’ land registry transactions” no.2013/13, Turkish translations of passports and foreign country identity cards with an alphabet other than the Roman alphabet may be requested by the Directorate of...

turkey property portal

Documents Required For Obtaining Short-Term Residence Permit

Documents Required For Obtaining Short-Term Residence Permit   Residence permit application form( must be signed by the foreigner and/or Their legal representative ) The original and copy of the passport with 60 days longer validity that the requested residence permit duration ( the page with identity information and those with entrance and exit details ) 4 biometric photos ( taken...

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