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Are the prices mentioned; list price or cash price?


All list price before cash discount
Sizes mentioned in all projects are gross or net?


All gross. Net is usually 20/30% less
Do you have the monthly maintenance cost for the properties?


Approx. 4TL or 5TL per square meter. It can change
How Syrians can get citizenship?


Through law
If the house is owned by a foreigner, the tax for selling it before five years would apply?


Foreigners may not pay tax
When buying a property from a developer for the purpose of citizenship, do all the company owners have to be 100% Turkish?


No problem, because company is already a Turkish one


If someone buys a second hand house for citizenship purpose, owner must be Turkish?


Yes, owner must be Turkish. If the owner is foreigner, they can’t apply for citizenship
We hear about projects where the buyer pays only US$ 150,000 and the balance on installments and obtain the citizenship? Is this possible?


Not possible
How long does it take to obtain citizenship after buying the property?


3 months
Citizenship is given to whom in the family; wife, kids … anybody else? How about kids who are older than 18 years


Self, spouse, children below 18 years. Older than 18, only get residence. Parents, sisters, sisters’ kids can get residence
The lawyer handles all citizenship procedures? Yes. Lawyer services are all free. The process is as follows:

– First day; open tax and bank account, power of attorney to lawyer for citizenship

– In the power of attorney, we can add; receiving title deed, apartment handover from developer and renting the apartment

– 2000$ to cover government expenses for all family members (ex. Tax, medical insurance … etc).


Can the house be on wife’s name and then she gives citizenship to husband and kids? After how long she can give him citizenship? Same process as husband. They receive at same time. Kids are usually only mentioned in the form. After one month, the lawyer can give reference number of the applicant to the applicant in order for him to see the progress of his application online


What if the husband is Syrian – can he get the citizenship from his wife who got the citizenship?


Shouldn’t be a problem
After buying a property for citizenship, after how long they can sell it?


3 years. But better after 5 years to avoid tax which is about 20%. The three years ban of selling the house is mentioned on tapu


The client who wants to buy through a lawyer, does he have to come to Turkey at the time of applying for the citizenship?


No. They only go to Turkish consulate for:

– Fingers’ prints

– Then they get the Turkish IDs

– And then they get the Turkish passports


In case of the buyer who will not come to Turkey, what guarantee does he have that when he transfers the money to the developer the property will be in his name?


Sales contract is made first before payment, then money is paid, then title deed is made.

So before making the payment, the buyer will see that his name is on the sales contract, and the contract will have all information about the property and the developer


If they buy in any place in Turkey, they can get citizenship or only particular projects in Istanbul?


Yes, in any where in Turkey
What is the breakdown of all other costs and percentages; government costs – are there any exceptions if they are first time buying? – 2% tax title deed – (if second hand; usually buyer pays 2% and seller pays 2%, but most of the time the buyer asks the seller to pay the full 4% tax)

– 1% VAT for residence (18% VAT for commercial)

– 2,000$ government fees

– Approx. 1,000$ notary contract

– 1% notary contract (if title deed is not ready)


From a safety point of view – do you recommend a villa or duplex?


Duplex is better. Villa expenses are a lot including maintenance expenses

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