6 Main Steps for Turkey Citizenship

Turkey Citizenship


Firstly, Turkey Citizenship process by investment requires minimum $250,000 Property Purchasing.

All application we finish only in 1 month.

But getting approval min 3 months max 6 months after the purchase.

1. Apply to the tax office to obtain a tax registration number

It is easiest step and we need only your original passport with you.

It takes only 30 min at any Tax Office.

2.Open a bank account in Turkey

We need translation of your passport and notary approval of the translation.

A document which shows your permanent address in your country.

3.Find a property costs min $250,000

You will have a Free Property Tour with our team.

Moreover, we will show you best options according to your needs.

4.Eveluation Report

We will get an Eveluation Report before your purchase.

It costs around 1750 TL to 5000TL in different companies.

Expert must be licensed from Goverment ( BDDK and SPK  approved)

Most importantly, this report shows your house real value (according to local market ) so it prevents you overpricing.

Also, they are checking Title Deed Office, Municipilatiy Plans, Management Plan.

In addition, they are measuring inside of your apartment with real photos.

It is valid only 1 month. So before 1 month we need to get title deed or we need to renew it.

5. Residence Permit Application

After 1 month of your purchase we will give your Residence Permit and Temporary Id Card.

6. Turkish Citizenship Application

After we get Residence Permit .

Finally, last step to finish our process with Turkish Citizenship application .

We finish all these legal process in only 1 month.

In conclusion, approval of it 3-6 Months according to President Signature.

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