Sea View Apartments in Istanbul

sea view apartment in istanbul

Too many foreign investors come to Istanbul for real estate investment.

Besides rent income some of the investors want to live their dream home  with full sea view in Istanbul.

Well, if you look at Sea View options in Istanbul there are 3 main options;

1- If you want to be near to Down town we mean Taksim Square or Sultanahmet then you need to choose Zeytinburnu and Bakırköy Seashore where is 15 min range.

But if you choose Zeytinburnu or Bakırköy shore be aware that project prices are the highest in this area.

In this area you can buy only 1 bedroom for 250K$ for a lack sea view.

Furthermore, in here because of city center, there are too many traffic noises when you open your window.

2- Second option is Beylikdüzü Marina . In this region there are many luxury projects located Istanbul West Marina. In here m2 prices lower if you compare with Zeytinburnu shore.

Istanbul West Marina definitely good option for living . In this area you can find many luxury restaurants and cafes.

You can buy 3 Bedroom around 250,000$ next to Marina. If you go 15 min range to here you can buy 3 bed+2 bed for 250K$.

3- Third option is Büyükçekmece Mimaroba. In here also Head of Sales Gökhan ÖZBEK living yes me 🙂

Welcome to my neighboorhood. In here there are numerous luxury project with affordable price.

Local community is very elegant. Also there is 5 km Coastal seaside. So you can bicycle or run just next to sea and start the day.

Büyük Atatürk Parkı is also very good option in here for green area. If you have pet, peaceful place, live sea breeze definitely best option. In here you can buy up to 4 Bedroom with very good sea view for 250K$.

And last option of course i dont write in main options, in Bosphorus . Bosphorus of course the best option if you have enough budget. You can buy min 600K$ for 3 bedroom with 5 km to 2nd Bridge and Beşiktaş with Ferry.

If you want to explore more options please schedule a free tour and i will be glad to show you around.

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