Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship

turkey citizenship required documents

If you purchase $250,000 Property you will acquire Turkish Citizenship in 3 months.

We finish all application in 1 month and giving you online goverment tracking code.

After that you will receive approval and passport from goverment 3-6 months.

Please find in the below all necessary documents.

    • Application form
      To be prepared by us.
    • Health insurance for the applicant
      May be made by us.
    • Passport or similar document that decelerates which state’s citizenship exist, if the
      applicant is heimatlos the document needs to be duly registered.
      Must be translated to Turkish with translation approval from Turkish Consulate or
      Turkish Notary.
    • Document demonstrating marital status and, if married, marriage certificate; if
      divorced, separation deed; if widowed, death certificate of the deceased spouse.
      Must be apostilled by the issuing state or approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • The applicant’s and all family members’ birth certificates
      Must be apostilled by the issuing state or approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    •  The receipt regarding payment of the application fee
      We can complete it.
    •  Two 50×60 mm biometric photographs (for each applicant)
    •  For applications through purchasing real estate, a valuation report certified by the
      valuator company accredited by the Turkish Capital Markets Board
      To be prepared by us.
    • Certificate of Conformity
      For applications through real estate acquisition, must be obtained from the Ministry
      of Environment and Urbanizm through the land registry office.
    • Power of Attorney (if the application process will be pursued by us).
      Required from both applicant and his/her spouse. No need for children below 18. We
      can provide the template text. Must be issued by a Turkish Notary or Turkish

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