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Real Estate in Turkey for Foreigners

Real Estate in Turkey for Foreigners

You can buy any property in Turkey.Of course we mean apartment, residences, commercial units, shops or all buildings. According to title law in Turkey as a foreigner you can not buy followings ;

a)Persons with foreign nationality can buy maximum 30 hectares of property in Turkey in total and can acquire limited in rem right.

b)Foreigners cannot acquire or rent property within military forbidden zones and security zones.

c)Persons with foreign nationality can acquire property or limited in rem right in a district/town up to 10 % of the total area of the said district/town.

d)Legal restrictions do not apply in setting mortgage for real persons and commercial companies having legal personality which are established in foreign countries.

e)The properties are subject to winding up provisions in following cases: (i) if the properties are acquired in violation of laws; ii) if the relevant Ministries and administrations identify that the properties are used in violation of purpose of purchase; iii) if the foreigner does not apply to the relevant Ministry within time in case the property is acquired with a project commitment; iv) if the projects are not materialized within time.

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