Minimalist or Maximalist

Which one is better for Property Investment

Are you a Minimalist or Maximalist ?

If you asked this question in 2019 many people would tell you about i am minimalist life style in the city.

Roughly minimalism owning less staff in their life, making everything simple, easy accessable .

So that people intended to live with smaller units like Studio or 1 Bedroom apartments in the city.

And the rents also if you compare with bigger units was about the same so property investors really liked owning very small units.

Developers saw this intention and it was also good for them so they are selling smaller units with higher price.

Because you pay only per/m2 in the construction and selling smaller units higher prices makes more profit for them.

So overall almost 10 years in Turkey owning studio 1 bedroom was an ideal investment.

But this is good for young single living person.

After a while, families couldn’t find a good project and bigger units in the city centers.

So right now 1 bedroom investment goes to 3 bedroom and more for bigger families.

If you only rent your apartment is still a good option but when you want to exit property market families not looking for smaller units and you must be focussing on this families because they have the money.

Smaller units preferred by young generation and they dont intend to owning a property nowadays.

Also during pandemic and coronavirus times we saw that minimalist failed.

Owning a home with smaller is good but during lock down ?

Of course the answer is NO.

So latest researches showed us families looking for bigger and bigger units. Also they prefer with terrace , balcony and garden units.

Do you want to own Bigger or Smaller units lets discuss.



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