Is It a Good Time to Buy a House in Turkey?

it is right time to buy in turkey

As you know Turkey Citizenship by Investment Programme was reduced to $1M to $250,000 for Real Estate Investment in 2018 December.

Because Turkey had over 2M houses waiting to sell in that time and Goverment wanted to make it charmy to International Investors.

(P.S In Turkey every year 750,000 new Houses needed because of young population)

During these two years many demand came and both international investors and local buyers almost finished these stocks.

If you compare Turkey Citizenship also any other European countries it is fast and cheap.

International investors want to reduce their risks in their country and owning a second passport very good option for it.

If you compare only USD/TL currency it is around 7TL. So %20 higher than last year.

In Turkey construction is parallel with USD currency and because of stocks not too many project launched which is new.

Developers waited for melting the stocks and after that many developers dont intend to make new project because of prices and demands.

So i really see as an agent last available ready stocks in the market and very cheap prices available.

Because this projects ready to move in and developer paid all construction budget 1 year ago.

So you can purchase last stocks with last year prices and higher USD/TL currency.

I really see 2020 is the last oppurtunity for the property price.

I hope this Blog is helpful please dont hesitate to comment and join the discussion.

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