How to Find Out Best Place to Buy Property in Istanbul

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The main thing for property investment determining the location.

Even buying another city where you are not living is a bit tricky.

But if you don’t familiar with the city as a foreigner it is very very difficult.

I will try to help you in this Blog how you can find out a good location to buy a property in Istanbul.

1- Search the area for 5 Stars Hotels or Head Quarters of Companies.

You are investing for small amount if you compare with 5 stars Hotel right?

Yes definitely it is. So if you check 5 Stars Hotels and Chains it is very good step for starting.

Because they invest Milion of Dollars before buying a whole building.

If you dont have any hotel area just check is there any company head quarters around.

Again big companies make a big pre-searches for determining location so it is also a good step. But of course going finance areas not a good investment for you because companies paying for prestigious you are paying for living or investment unit.

2- Checking Amenities Nearby

Shopping Malls, Supermarket chains and other fast food chains trying to find out a heavy traffic both for cars and people.

So it is definitely good point to check area for shopping malls, supermarkets nearby.

In Turkey Migros, A101 and BİM are the market leaders for supermarkets and they have very good team before renting a shop.

So if you have a Shopping Mall, Starbuck, KFC, Burger King or the markets above it is a good area.

3- Is there any available land to make a new project in your neighbour.

OK last 1 step . Istanbul has 29 Districts and all of Districts has their own centers.

So you can easily find out a market or shopping area nearby.

But before buying a project checking lands and parcels from Google Map. If project location is good it is OK but what about future.

If there is too many land to make new construction. It means that the are newly developing like Başakşehir, Bahçeşehir and Esenyurt.

New availability lands mean that too many new project will be built and you can not make a good profit.

But if you buy a good location, central place and last parcels all around busy place it means that your project brand will be rising a star in the area. And you will gain a good profit.

4- Measuring Airport and Old City Center

Finally you find your location. Just be sure for last step. It is nearby to old city Taksim , Grandbazaar and Sultanahment.

In old city of course there is no land to make a new project. There are a few but prices are very high.

So it is definitely good idea to check distance and it is very good investment 20 -255 min distance from downtown.

5- Public Transportation

Istanbul has 18 Milion population and growing every year.

And believe me Istanbul is the top 10 city which has the worst traffic jam in the world.

So please make sure that you are selecting metro or metrobus line.

If your property easily access to public transportation good to go.

P.S- Don’t ask too many agents and companies about opinion

OK Friends last reminder for you. Even dont ask a taxi driver about property location and other agents as well.

Why ? Because everyone is making money. Maybe you asking friendly something but because of money people can guide you badly.

I think everyone has some experience asking people opinion making too complicated to buying process.

Before buying everyone says something but after purchase everyone congrats.

So if you make your decision according this plans i think you will found out your dream home.

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