How to Avoid Taxes

wealth tax

Of course if you gain,  you need to pay Goverment this taxes. It is not our topic today.

But what about wealth tax ? Yes because of you have money and wealth do you have to pay to taxes Goverment. No it is not fair.

Well in Turkey, there is no wealth tax and if you buy 250,000 Property in Turkey and become a Turkish Citizen by Investment Programme.

Turkey doesnt have any obligation to give up your original citizenship. But because of your original citizenship in your country like U.S.A if you have to pay wealth tax, you can give up your citizenship and remain Turkish.

In Turkey there is no wealth tax and because of USD/TL currency right now around 7 TL. If you have enough budget you can live in Turkey as a king.

There are numerous countries offering citizenship by investment programme.But Turkey has the easiest one.

You dont need to live in Turkey during application. So there is no duration of stay problem as other countries.

Also in Turkey after you gained citizenship Health Care is free of charge.

Education for your children is also free.

Also you will get min %5 Rental income  from property.

You can exit market after 3 years if you want . So free citizenship in the world.

Do you have any question just write comment below or contact with me following ways.

Stay Safe.



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