How much is rent in Turkey ?

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Well , this is a difficult question to answer . Because Turkey is very big country both with population and land.

For example, only in Istanbul there is 15 Million official population. 3 M extra immigrants also living in Istanbul.

Istanbul has 29 Districts and all of them has different montly rents.

As official numbers minimum rents around 1500TL in Istanbul.

Avarage rent 2216 TL for 70m2 apartment.

But this statics belongs to Esenyurt where is the cheapest apartments and located in the Market.

If you go city center like Bahçelievler rent prices goes up to 5000TL for 3 bedroom.

For that please watch Vlog below;

So as final words,

20 years avarage return of Investment but it is changing according to location and brand of project.

Keep in touch and dont hesitate to ask me any questions.


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