Appeal For Residence Permit Rejection.

Rejection of Residence Permit


The residence permit application process in Turkey is an ever-changing and often complicated process. While we stand by the belief that a thoroughly compiled application submission will likely get approved, it’s an unfortunate reality that rejections do sometimes occur.

So what happens when an individual gets notified that their application was rejected?

Well, like all government transactions in Turkey, it is important to note that a residency application rejection is also subject to legal proceedings if an individual seeks to pursue them. The very essence of Turkish immigration law implies that as long as a foreigner has the financial means to support themselves, a place to live, adheres to local law, and doesn’t pose any risk to the public (health or otherwise), then they are to be permitted to attain residency as long as they meet the conditions of the application process (valid visa, health insurance, etc.) and which varies depending on the type of permit sought.

So when the aforementioned requisites are seemingly met, but a rejection is still issued, the next step for a persistent foreigner is to either depart the country or take the case to court.

If a rejection is issued, an individual has 60 days from when the written statement is issued to an individual to begin legal proceedings and take the case to court.

When deciding whether an appeals process is worth pursuing, it is important to consider that the following conditions are sincerely met:

  • The applicant has a place to live, valid health insurance, financial ability to cover his/her expenses, etc.
  • The applicant has put sufficient effort toward providing the required residency documents within the stipulated time periods.
  • The applicant has applied for the residence permit within legal timeframe.
  • The applicant has a valid legal reason to not have applied within the aforementioned legal timeframe, such as being sick (applicant would need to provide proof) or other extenuating circumstances.

All this said, it is important to note that each case is unique and speaking with a lawyer to outline one’s best legal course of action is the most logical step.

An appeals process varies largely based on the legal workload of each city’s judicial system. It can take six months or perhaps even longer. Those appealing can file a request to be permitted to stay in Turkey during the appeals process, which is up to the discretion of the courts.

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