5  Common Asked Questions About Citizenship By Investment


5  Common Asked Questions About Citizenship By Investment

1. Can a person acquire the  property of a company in which he/she is a shareholder, and apply for citizenship?


–  No, they can’t. The property to be acquired by foreign nationals through actual sale or a sale
promise should not be registered to the title of the legal entity of the company that the real person owns or manages.

      2. Can I apply for Turkish citizenship with a preliminary contract for sale?


Anapplication can be made with a promise that the property would be transferred and released in three years through a notarized

contract if minimum USD 250,000 or equivalent amount was paid as down payment for any properties.

3. Can I apply for exceptional Turkish citizenship if I buy some shares of a property?

  Yes, as long as the value of the acquired share is minimum USD 250,000.

4. Can I apply for citizenship if I buy the  property with a mortgage loan?

–  that case, the net down payment of the loan amount shall be considered. The down payment should be minimum USD 250,000 also for
legally mortgaged sales.

5. Is it possible the sold property before 3 years?

–  Action shall be taken according to the response to be received from the Provincial Directorate of Census and Citizenship.

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