10 Mistakes To Avoid Making If You Are Visiting Turkey

10 Mistakes To Avoid Making If You Are Visiting Turkey

1) Avoid Using Shortcuts of Google Maps Specially at night.

Walking from one direction to the other is always zestful, yet there are some dangerous streets and neighborhoods even in the central districts. And sometimes, the road and directions appearing in digital maps do not show their safety level. You can always reach The Police by calling 155

So, if there is a road that you are familiar with and sure its safety, I strongly recommend you use that one.

2) Avoid Booking Random Hotel Room.

Well, this is a should-do for every city in the world. I mean, there are always good ones and bad ones, It also the quality of service.   So, you may check the recommendations, you may read the comments, and look at the exact location where the hotel takes place in Google Maps.If it seems appropriate, then you may book it!

3) Avoid Making Fun of National, Religious and Cultural Symbols and Loved Politicians.

Making fun of these values and symbols may trigger or just sadden these resentful people. Therefore, if you’re not sincere enough or close friends, I advise you not to talk about national items or politics with people.

4) Do Not Trust Every Person.

There are a lot of scammers specially in touristic places so be aware of that

Here is a video of about scams

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-1p-OtEgC8

5) Do Not Eat Street Food From Random Places.

Especially street foods such as kokorec and stuffed mussels should be prepared in hygienic kitchens.

6) Don’t enter a mosque dressed scantily.

Sleeveless shirts and shorts are not recommended for both men and women. Heed all instructions carefully and don’t forget to remove your footwear before you enter any mosque in the country.

7) Don’t ride a taxi without a logo.

A taxi ride in Turkey can be a real hassle if you don’t take the right taxis and it is quite common for a lot of foreigners to get scammed by the taxi drivers. Taxis that are members of a taxi stand usually carry a logo on the door and are generally safer and reliable.

8) Don’t show off your wealth.

Showing off your wealth can make you stand out in orthodox regions and rural areas. You will be seen as an easy target for scams and it makes it extra difficult to haggle away the exorbitantly quoted prices in bazaars and markets.

9) Don’t walk in front of a praying person.

Religious tradition holds that the prayers of a devotee are disrupted when someone passes between the person and the prostration place. In many mosques, a separate area is mounted with railings to minimize such distractions of worshippers. However, you should be extra cautious about where you walk when you visit any of the mosques in Turkey.

10) Avoid Buying Costly Souvenirs.

I am sure that you will find ideal souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones. Yet, some of the sellers may ask for too much money for in fact cheap products.

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